Sep 062012

From wacky weather to wascally wabbits, it sure has been an interesting summer with our new garden. Now that we are heading into September, a lot of the crops are on the decline and I have to keep an eye out for frost warnings; I sure miss summer already. Instead of paying premium prices at the grocery store for questionable “organic” produce, my garden has provided me with a cheap and plentiful source of true organic fruits and vegetables. I’ve collected over three shopping bags full of produce and I still have carrots and potatoes to dig up! This fall I’ll be adding more dirt and covering it with wood chips now that I finally found a cheap source of the right kind I need. You’ll have to check back next year and see how adding wood chips will make my garden better. Continue reading »

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Mar 292012

After a long and rather cold March, I am very grateful to finally see double digit temperatures here in Alberta.  With all the snow almost gone I can start planning out my backyard projects for the next several months. My project list for the Summer of 2012 includes:

  • A giant vegetable garden
  • Midsize Deck/Patio
  • Stain the new fence
  • Plant Saskatoon, Blueberry and Raspberry bushes
  • Design a modern root cellar in my basement
  • Buy a Greenhouse package from Costco

I started to save for all these projects after Christmas but my funds were ambushed by our trip next month, which means I’ll probably have to forgo the Greenhouse until next year. If only I wasn’t so fiscally responsible I could just buy everything I wanted on a whim.

2012 Watchlist

Make sure you check out my 2012 Watchlist. I update it each Friday after the markets close.

Weekend Reading

Now for some excellent reads that I found this week.

Young and Thrify tells us why she thinks coupon codes are all that and a bag of chips.

Larry Macdonald warns us not to get caught up in the siren call to buy gold stocks.

Mike at The Dividend Guy Blog answers a readers question about making $39,000 in dividend income and shows the power of compounding.

My Own Advisor reviews Derek Foster’s ” The Worried Boomer” and is giving away a free copy. Check it out!

Dividend Watchdog wrote about the SNC-Lavalin dividend increase.

Susan Brunner reviewed Sun Life Financial in part1 and part2

Invest It Wisely is celebrating 2 years of blogging goodness and giving away a free ipad 3! Congrats Kevin!

Freedom35 compared income and the cost of living depending on where you live. I think he might be moving to Florida!

Passive Income Earner explains why he likes dividend investing.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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Mar 092012

If you haven’t heard of Joseph Kony by now then you must not have Facebook lol. I’m going to do my part and pass on the information in the form of a video.

There is a lot of controversy going around about the whole project. A lot of people are saying that majority of the money raised is not going directly to Africa, so I’d thought I would share what I saw and allow everyone to form their own opinion. I think for the most part it’s a great way to show that the world is no longer an old boys club and that social media has become a very powerful medium to unite humanity on common interests.

Now for some excellent reads I found this week.


Young and Thrifty reviewed the book Findependence Day and is giving away a copy.

Dividend Ninja had an interesting post reviewing some stocks from Thailand.

Passive Income Earner wrote about setting up his kids to buy shares through a transfer agent.

My Own Advisor added Proctor & Gamble to his portfolio.

Freedom 35 explains how he invests with a margin account.

Robert Thurdman shares his market outlook as he is living my dream…lucky guy!

Dividend Monk  reviews Brookfield Infrastructure.

Dividend Growth Investor asks when can you retire on dividends?

Canadian Dream  weighs in on whether a HELOC is good or evil.

Boomer and Echo share some smart tax planning strategies.

And as always, check out my Watchlist updated later today to see how my picks made out this week.

Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to spring forward!

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Mar 012012


I was pleasantly surprised today with not one, but two dividend increases! I really felt like a big financial player explaining to my co-workers that I received another raise during my coffee break.

RBC increased its dividend by 6% from $0.54 to $0.57 cents per share payable on May 24th, 2012. The share price closed at a 2 percent increase even though first quarter profit fell 5 percent due to a sharp downturn in capital markets income.

TD Bank increased its dividend by 5.9% from $0.68 to $0.72 cents per share payable on April 30, 2012. TD also had a lower profit this quarter by 5.4% but for this investor, a $1.48 billion profit is nothing to scoff at.

As my living expenses grow and my paycheque remains stagnant, it’s comforting to know my dividend income is always increasing. If only a wise person would have taught me how to invest in dividend stocks when I was younger, then I would be well on my way to a very early retirement. Alas, here I am trying to show that anyone can slowly increase their wealth through dividend investing.

Both RBC and TD are on my current watchlist for 2012. You can check out my updated watchlist every Friday after the markets close.

Now, on with some weekend reading!


Boomer and Echo compared index funds to mutual funds. I definitely think Index funds are the way to go.

Dividend Growth Investor shared how he accumulates his positions over a long period of time.

Freedom 35 wrote about how he thinks paying down the mortgage may not be for everyone. With my hefty mortgage, I’d be a fool not to make extra payments.

Dividend Monk wrote about 4 dividend growth businesses with their own natural monopolies. I <3 CNR personally.

Invest It Wisely shared why you need spare cash to cover emergencies.

Susan Brunner reviewed my golden boy stock, Enbridge.

Dividend Watchdog spotted the two new dividend increases from RBC and TD.

Brad at Triage Investing Blog wrote an excellent article on when to sell stocks.

Young and Thrifty asks what your travel style is. I’m more of a Hippo lazing in the pool never venturing too far from the swim up bar at an all inclusive myself.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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