Oct 022014

whaaWho in their right mind would be happy that the markets are getting hammered? This guy, that’s who!

While everyone is panicking as their portfolio is shrinking, I’m rubbing my hands together with glee. When everyone else is selling their dividend stock , I’ll be there ready and willing to buy their quality stocks at a discount price. Am I crazy? Perhaps, but there is a method to my madness.

Welcome to the Loonie Bin!

So why am I so glad to see my nest egg dwindling away each day? Simple! I’m an investor in quality companies for the long term. If a bank has been around longer then Canada has been a country and its share price decreases because of war or civil unrest on the opposite side of the Continue reading »

Feb 242012

So much for fixing the problems with Greece. It seems that the “smart” people who are running the world think they can fix problems by throwing money at it. Then when that doesn’t work, they throw even more money then shrug their shoulders and say “I dun know”. I think the underlying problem is that a standardized currency does not work so stop trying to implement them.

Make sure you check out my updated Watchlist for Feb 24, 2012. If only I had more money to invest…

Here are a few interesting reads I found this week so sit back, grab a coffee and catch up on some weekend reading.

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Dividend Growth Investor asked if entry price matters to dividend investors. Very informative.

Dividend Watchdog posted about the Telus dividend increase.

Freedom Thirty Five is giving away the cash value of one of his RIM stocks.

Susan Brunner wrote about Husky Energy part 1 and part 2.

Invest It Wisely posted about the importance of buffering you life.

Tim at Canadian Dream finds out if Netflix is worth it.

 My Own Advisor wrote about his favorite takeaways from the wealthy barber returns.

The Passive Income Earner switched to RBC direct investing.

Young And Thrifty had a guest post about the low down on the RESP.

Check out the Yakezie Carnival for a whole bag full of interesting reads as well.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


 Posted by on February 24, 2012
Feb 042012

Fortis and CN are now trading near their 52 week High and I don’t know about you, but I don’t like paying full price for anything that I don’t have to. Also this week as mentioned Metro increased their dividend by 12% and is still trading near its 52 week High as well.

Facebook IPO is all over the financial news and to be honest I skip past all the articles. Tech stocks are way too volatile for my liking and I’m not very keen on Facebook as a business. It’s only a matter of time before something better comes along just like anything in the Tech Sector. I’ll stick to my dependable blue chip dividend payers, thanks.

Happy Friday Everyone!

 Posted by on February 4, 2012
Feb 012012

After reporting higher profits and revenues this last quarter, Metro increased its dividend from $0.77 cents per share, to $0.86 cents. That’s a whopping 12% increase that will definitely help with the ever increasing food prices.

 Consumer staples is an excellent sector to be invested in because no matter what state the economy is in, everyone has to eat! The TSX has a very limited selection in consumer staples so a lot of Canadian investors turn to the U.S for a more diverse selection.

I do not own shares in Metro because of the low dividend yield but I would like to include it in my portfolio once it’s completed and that’s why it’s on my watch list. Even though Metro has an incredible dividend growth record, I personally consider it more of a growth stock. Today it closed at its 52 week high of $54.74 and even with its new dividend, it only yields 1.5%. Even if I bought in today, and the dividend increased 10% each year, after 15 years my yield would only be 5.6%. Like I said, once my portfolio is close to being complete, I will add MRU for some solid stock growth and minimal dividend payments.

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