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You may recall from some of my previous posts that I was unhappy with my current job. The obvious comments I received were to simply find a new job. An easy fix for sure, but I knew it wouldn’t solve the problem. Over a 15 year span I was exposed to dangerous chemicals, fumes, asbestos, extreme heat, extreme cold, and many other dangerous working conditions. I don’t remember seeing trades people working like this in the career catalogs or employment websites. My real problem was: I really disliked my chosen career path and it felt like I was stuck there.

I applied for several different jobs over the past 2 years that I was both over and under qualified for, hoping someone would take a chance on a dedicated and hard working candidate. I guess not because I had not received any responses over that two year period; not even one interview. It was downright discouraging and I started to question both my skill set and qualifications. Maybe I wasn’t cut out to be in my particular field and I was lucky I still had my current job. Then I began to think of all the nephews and under-skilled people with the right connections who were probably offered the jobs instead of me and it made me really angry. I didn’t have any connections or family members who could get me any of the jobs that I wanted. Here I was, over qualified for an entry level position and I never heard a peep from anyone.


I received an automatic email from a prospective employer stating: “Even though we were impressed with your qualifications, we have decided to hire a different candidate for this position.”

The story of my life! I had received many of these emails over the last two years so as usual, I deleted it and thought nothing more about it. Months past by and I began to face facts and came to terms that I was stuck in a job that I disliked, so I better make the best of it. Then one day after I came home from another crappy day at work, the phone rang and it was a gentleman from the company who had sent out that particular email. It turns out there was a glitch in the system and the position was still open. He was calling to schedule an interview!

After two years of applying for a new job I finally got an interview. Normally one doesn’t get this excited over an interview but it was the only glimmer of hope I had. Now came the hard part: I’ve never been to a proper interview before. In the past I would be called in and asked if I knew how to do certain tasks, then they offered me the job on the spot. I’ve even been offered a job over the phone without the employer even seeing me in person! My wife helped me prepare for the interview and I laughed at the questions she asked me because I’ve never dealt with them before. I did my best to answer these strange questions and picked out a nice outfit to wear.

The day finally came and after a two hour drive I arrived at their offices and headed in for my interview. I was lucky I prepared prior because they asked the same strange questions that trades people normally aren’t exposed to during the interview process. I answered the questions as honestly as I could and had an overall good feeling about the whole process. Near the end they mentioned they were looking for someone with more experience in a particular field, and it was experience that I never was able attain from my current employer. I left the interview feeling good but in the back of my mind I felt they would choose someone else because I didn’t have experience in that certain field they were looking for. Overall it was a good experience for me because I learned how proper interviews are done and it prepared me for any interviews in the future.

Ring Ring

A week went by and the phone rang as I was walking in the door. It was a gentleman from the interview and he was calling to offer me the job! He explained that they were impressed with my skills and qualifications, and even though I lacked skill in a certain field, they were willing to hire me at a lower level and train me on the job. It felt like a huge shackle was opened and that the chains that were holding me back fell from my shoulders. This was a career where I had an opportunity to advance and it felt amazing.

After two long years of disappointment my perseverance had finally paid off. I could have given up and stayed at the same job or switched to a different company, but I would have still been unhappy with that same career path. Now I have a great job with excellent benefits and compensation. I even have something now that I’ve longed for ever since I’ve started working: a pension!




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  15 Responses to “Perseverance: How It Finally Paid Off”

  1. Congrats. Best wishes in your new job.

  2. Congrats! I too am in a similar situation. I entered my career in health because I knew there was work and I found health sciences interesting. I got a job relatively quickly, but after a year or so of working I’ve realized that clinical work is not an area I particularly enjoy. I’m back doing my Master’s in Education now, and I’m doing my best to learn new skills and try new things so that one day I might be more marketable in another career path.

    Your story gives me hope that maybe one day I’ll find something new!

  3. Congrats, Steve! Your perseverance definitely paid off. It’s tough to leave a job after 10-15 years, but sometimes you just need a fresh start.

  4. Congrats Steve! really happy for you, such a good man you are, sharing your knowledge and experience with us all the time. really appreciated!

  5. Great story and congrats!

  6. Well done.

    Perseverance and Persistence is the key. Wish you best of luck. Enjoy time in life.

    Great work of sharing thoghts and experiences.

  7. I made the same type of jump 5 years ago. I was so worried since I had been working in my paticular trade for over 10 years and my wife and I have 4 children. I started at the bottom in a new profession, also lacking certain skills, yet the results have been fantastic. 5 years of company pension, averaging $10000/ year in combined employer/employee contributions. Best move ever for our family, Congrats and enjoy.

    • Thanks Jason! My new company pays for my pension contributions, so I’ll be putting extra money into the employee stock purchase program to help speed up the process so I can retire even sooner.

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