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Since reviewing the basics of REITs last week, I received a lot of questions asking if I was ever going to review individual Canadian REITs. We here at the Loonie Bin aim to please our readers, so we uncovered some of the more popular REITs available on the TSX. If we listed all of them then this wouldn’t be a glance, it would be more like an awkward stare. As always, please do your own research before making any investment decision. Here they are in no particular order:

Rio Can REIT

  • Rio Can is Canada’s largest REIT focused on retail real estate.
  • Their portfolio is chock full of supermarkets and shopping centers across Canada and in the north eastern U.S and Texas.
  • Current Stock Price: $27.24
  •  Yearly Distribution: $1.38
  • Current Yield: 5.06%
  • Distribution Growth: Was solid up until the 2008/2009 financial crises.

I heard that Rio Can was managing the new Target stores in Canada. Will be interesting to see how that works out for the future share price.

Crombie REIT: CRR.UN

  • Largest landlord in Atlantic Canada but is expanding west with properties across 9 provinces
  • Focused on income generated retail and office properties
  • Current Stock Price: $15.09
  • Yearly Distribution: $0.89
  • Current Yield: 5.89%
  • Distribution Growth: Somewhat stagnant thanks to the 2008/2009 financial crises.

Crombie REIT is owned by the Empire Company (Sobeys).

Calloway REIT: CWT.UN

  • Manage properties across Canada.
  • Focused on retail and shopping centers.
  • Current Stock Price: $28.95
  • Yearly Distribution: $1.55
  • Current Yield: 5.35%
  • Distribution Growth: Stagnant since 2008/2009 (Hmm, I sense a pattern here).

Calloway REIT has Wal-mart properties in its portfolio

Dundee REIT: D.UN

  •  Own and operate properties in key urban centers across Canada
  • Focused on office space and industrial properties
  • Current Stock Price: $36.65
  • Yearly Distribution: $2.20
  • Current Yield: 6%
  • Distribution Growth: A flat line that extends across the last decade.

Dundee REIT pays a monthly distribution

Boardwalk REIT: BEI.UN

  • Canada’s largest public owner/operator of multi-family rental communities.
  • Focused on residential rental income properties.
  • Current Stock Price: $64.27
  • Yearly Distribution: $1.92
  • Current Yield: 2.98%
  • Distribution Growth: Solid up until 2008/2009 and started increasing again in 2012

Boardwalk REIT is everywhere in the rental scene. Hope you have good references!


Well that’s enough REITs for now. I will try and come up with a more diversified list for a part 2 in the near future. Until then I hope your dividends always increase!

Which REITs do you currently own?


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 Posted by on October 31, 2012

  5 Responses to “At A Glance: Canadian REITs”

  1. Check out Temple Reit – TR.UN.T
    about 6.30 per share
    just raised payout from .04 to .045 per unit per month
    owns hotels in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort Mac, Vancouver and Saskatoon.
    Just graduated from venture.
    another way of playing the oil patch

    note: converting from income trust to corporation, they say its not going to affect the distribution but…

  2. This is neat. If the stocks are stagnent then really one could buy anytime. That being said, the Euro crisis still is no where close to being resolved which could affect the stocks here.

    I have to wait until the new year before I can contribute more to my TSFA, but then I’ll definitely be looking into these.

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