Jan 292012

I have decided that Sunday would be an excellent day for a weekend reading post. Most people can sit down and relax for a while before their hectic week starts all over again so I thought it would be a perfect time to share some interesting reading material from my fellow bloggers.

I’ve been included in my first ever Yakezie Carnival and it feels great. There are lots of interesting posts from many bloggers in the Yakezie network. I would really like to thank The Amateur Financier for hosting the carnival this week and to my fellow Yakezie bloggers:


Part of the Yakezie Challenge is to selflessly promote others so I’d like to share some postings from some of my fellow challengers:

After College Money shares how he paid off $15,000 of student loans in one year. Great job, Eric!

American Debt Project tells about their 2012 savings goals.

Personal Finance Whiz asks how much he should have saved for retirement by the time he is 30. I wish I could write a post like that :(

Kamara over at The Modern Financial tells us to stop waiting for the new year to make RRSP contributions.

The Dividend Ninja asks us why we should invest in bonds. I’m not a huge fan of buying someone’s debt, but having diversity in one’s portfolio is always a good thing.

I’d also like to share with you some posts from my own, personal blog roll:

The Passive Income Earner lets you assess if the Smith Manoeuvre is right for you. I personally think it could be to risky, especially with a monster mortgage.

Susan Brunner gives us her take on Just Energy. I don’t agree with their business model either.

The Dividend Guy compares the top 4 Canadian REITS.

Brad at Triage Investing Blog talks about the best time to make extra mortgage payments. I’m a firm believer in lump sum payments.

Dividend Monk shows us 6 solid dividend payers from the states. I’m pretty sure everyone knows these brands and I’m looking into GE myself.

Dividend Watchdog wrote about the latest dividend increase from CN.

My Own Advisor wrote about how credit cards can be better than cash. I think credit cards are great tools, but are dangerous in the hands of fools.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, folks!

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Jan 282012

Well without further ado, here’s is the watch list for Friday, January 26 2012:

Like always, the markets were all over the place this week. It seems if anyone gasps in Europe, the markets in North America are punished. The Loonie did hit parity with the U.S dollar this week which was a surprise to most people.

The hardest part of dividend investing is choosing the right time to buy into the right company. I’m not a financial adviser, but I can share with you what I look for in a company when I’m ready to hit the buy button. I’ve never been able to time the market very well, but I find looking at the basic information is the first step to making an educated decision. Buying when a stock is at its highest in a year might not be the best strategy to use. I like buying into solid companies after the markets dip just like they did last August and September thanks to investor speculation.

It will be interesting to see how this watch list will change over the next year. My wife loves shopping at RW&Co. which is a banner name under Reitmans so I will be watching RET.A closely. Have a great weekend everyone!

What do you think of my watch list?

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Jan 252012

When it comes to the stock market, having a crystal ball to see future prices would sure make investing easy but luckily there is a more tangible method. Having a watch list lets you keep an eye on hopeful stocks to add to your portfolio or lower your average entry point if it’s a stock you already own. Over the long term, it can also allow you to see how world events and speculation can often affect stock market prices.

I’d like to share with you my own, personal watch list for 2012 :

Every weekend I will be updating my watch list with the current data from Friday’s stock market closing. I will be updating the current price, the 52 week lows and highs, the dividend and the yield. Companies that have increased their dividend since January 2011 are highlighted in blue. When the stock price is within 5% of its 52 week low, it will be highlighted with yellow. When the stock price is within 5% of its 52 week high, it will be highlighted in red. When the yield is 4% or larger, it will be highlighted in green.

Word of Warning 
This list is by no means advice on which stocks to buy and I cannot be held accountable if you decide to buy any of the stocks from my list. This is merely a fun way to show you how to keep a watch list for yourself.
So now there is one more reason to look forward to the weekend! There was a lot of positive feedback from my dividend list in the past and I hope that there will be more in the future. 

Do you have a watch list of your own?
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Jan 242012

 I’m very excited to announce that I just joined the Yakezie Challenge! For those of you that don’t know about it, it’s a challenge to improve your blog using the Alexa ranking system tool bar. Right now my rank is 5,031,011 which is rather on the hi side, but I’m determined to get a better ranking within six months.

A lot of my fellow bloggers have become members and they say it’s a great way to build a stronger blogging network and allows others to see your blog that might not have had the opportunity before. I’m hoping to learn from these fellow members so that I can improve my blogging skills and the overall content on The Loonie Bin.

That being said, I’ve decided to start a weekly list of other blogs with like minded content on personal finance and early financial freedom. Look for the list later this week as I just got home and wanted to check in.

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