Jun 032014

loonie handsI’m not sure if it was the 16 hour work days or the rainy Alberta weather that made May fly by so fast. With only three months of really warm weather, you can only hope that June, July and August will just slow down as much as possible. The good news is that I managed to find some space to plant a small garden this year. If you’ve never planted a garden before, you don’t know what you are missing. Fresh, inexpensive organic food in your diet is a must for any dividend investor in order to extend the time we have on this planet to see our investment plan into fruition. Look for an update to my 2014 gardening adventure in an upcoming post.

Hooray for Dividends!

For someone who recently lost half of his life’s savings, it’s important to celebrate the little victories in order to keep Continue reading »

May 292014

Back when I was a kid, there were three distinct economic classifications to separate us: Poor, Middle-Class and Rich. Nowadays we have several classifications: Poor, Working-Poor, Broke, Tax-Payers, Rich and Filthy Rich. Everyone says that the middle class is disappearing and they are right because it has been replaced with working-poor, the broke and the tax-payers. We all know that working-poor are people who work full time, but can’t afford the rising costs of housing and utilities and still be able to eat. Broke people have a job and make decent money, yet they always live paycheck to paycheck because they just can’t stop spending their money. Tax-payers are those who get a good job, have the big houses and fancy cars but are forever stuck on the low side of the higher tax bracket I.E. never really make it rich.

My classifications may seem silly but I think they represent some of the major challenges that are effecting North Americans within the last few decades. We all try our best to build wealth over our lifetimes yet the rich keep getting even more wealthy, increasing the gap between us that much more. So what the big secret that the rich use to make even more money? It’s using money to make more money.

 “Oh wow, genius! Tell us something we don’t already know!”

Perhaps I should specify it’s the way rich people use their money. You see, the majority of the population spends their money on liabilities. The Broke people spend their money on booze, cigarettes, eating at restaurants, gambling, $300 jeans, $500 sunglasses, Ipads, the latest Iphone, Ishoes and I-nterest! The Tax-Payers have that big house with a monster mortgage, the motorboat, the Continue reading »

May 252014

Garage saleWith the warm weather of Spring finally coming out from hiding, the season of garage sales is upon us. No matter where I drive on the weekends, there are signs for yard and garage sales everywhere I look. Everyone is selling their used junk in an effort to clear up some space and make a little profit in the process. Bargain hunters from far and wide will come to find treasures at rock bottom prices amongst the used gym equipment and piles of readers digest. While there is nothing wrong with having a garage sale or shopping at them, the problem lies with wealth slowly slipping through our fingers with every small purchase we make.

How does one know if they are rich-poor? I’d say the obvious diagnosis is if you own a garage yet you are unable to park any vehicles in it. In my old neighborhood in Edmonton I would say one in every ten houses had their vehicles stored in their garage, while the rest had crap stacked to the rafters. You never know when you might need three weed whackers or when your pre-teens will feel like playing with their pre-school toys again.

Why do we amass such a pile of junk in our car ports while our higher priced vehicles are being exposed to the elements? It’s very simple; the junk we collect is a large representation of our wealth. Rather than having large numbers in our bank accounts and investment portfolios, we hold on to piles and piles of long lost treasures from Continue reading »

May 202014

2014updateNow that there’s some financial stability in my life, I’ve been able to really hunker down and focus on saving for my financial goals in 2014. My house just sold in Edmonton which means I can now see the pain in my life in the rear view mirror and can really start to move on. We have the power to do anything we want in this life and all it takes to make it happen is a thought. When you focus enough on that one thought and make it a goal, then it slowly comes into fruition the more you focus and work towards it. I’m not saying you get whatever you want by sitting on your ass and wishing for it to happen. If you really want something, and I mean really want it, then anything is possible when your work for it.

Take money for instance. A lot of people think money is evil when in reality it is not. The truth is, greed is the real evil and it’s greedy people who will do anything to make and keep money that give it a bad rap. Since we exist in a society that trades money for food, clothing and shelter we are forced to use it whether we like it or not. When good people hold money in a negative thought form, it’s almost like they mentally sabotage their ability to bring money into their life. They have big dreams and goals with money but their negativity stops them before their thought is Continue reading »