Sep 132014

When I ask people if they buy organic the normal response I get is, “there’s no difference between non-organic and organic except for the price.” While yes organic fruits and vegetables do cost more, the quality in my opinion is incomparable between the two. When you pick up a carton of organic strawberries and they actually smell and taste like strawberries, it makes you wonder what the hell you’ve been eating all these years. Have you ever eaten those large, full size carrots that you buy in bag? They taste like a tree branch compared to carrots fresh from the garden. Sure, the nutritional value might be the same but God only knows what they’ve been sprayed with and what kind of fertilizer has been used on them. I’ve read that some farms in Mexico have been caught using human feces to grow crops down there. Yuck!

I had planned on some great garden posts for 2014 but I lost my amazing garden when I sold my house earlier this year. All my apple trees, raspberry bushes and my strawberry patches… all gone! Luckily I was able to Continue reading »

Sep 062014

Dividend growth*Blows the dust from the keyboard*

Hello to my dozens and dozens of loyal readers. I apologize for not posting in a few months but I decided to take the Summer off from writing to focus more on just plain living. I could have bombarded you with mind numbing tips and tricks on how to save money over the summer but I don’t have the patience for that stuff anymore. I would much rather be out enjoying Summer then being cooped up in archives of the Loonie Bin, writing a post about how I saved 50 cents on cereal with a coupon. I’ve been on a spiritual journey since last year and I found myself caring less and less about money which is really unfortunate for someone who writes a financial blog lol. For me, my existence on this planet has been nothing less than an ironic experience so I figure I can make this work.

Just because I care less about money, doesn’t mean it’s less important in the world we live in. I still need food, clothing and shelter and unless stores start to take beaver pelts, then I guess I’m stuck using it. One thing that has changed is that I use to think money was a necessary evil, that is until I learned money is Continue reading »

Jun 032014

loonie handsI’m not sure if it was the 16 hour work days or the rainy Alberta weather that made May fly by so fast. With only three months of really warm weather, you can only hope that June, July and August will just slow down as much as possible. The good news is that I managed to find some space to plant a small garden this year. If you’ve never planted a garden before, you don’t know what you are missing. Fresh, inexpensive organic food in your diet is a must for any dividend investor in order to extend the time we have on this planet to see our investment plan into fruition. Look for an update to my 2014 gardening adventure in an upcoming post.

Hooray for Dividends!

For someone who recently lost half of his life’s savings, it’s important to celebrate the little victories in order to keep Continue reading »

May 292014

Back when I was a kid, there were three distinct economic classifications to separate us: Poor, Middle-Class and Rich. Nowadays we have several classifications: Poor, Working-Poor, Broke, Tax-Payers, Rich and Filthy Rich. Everyone says that the middle class is disappearing and they are right because it has been replaced with working-poor, the broke and the tax-payers. We all know that working-poor are people who work full time, but can’t afford the rising costs of housing and utilities and still be able to eat. Broke people have a job and make decent money, yet they always live paycheck to paycheck because they just can’t stop spending their money. Tax-payers are those who get a good job, have the big houses and fancy cars but are forever stuck on the low side of the higher tax bracket I.E. never really make it rich.

My classifications may seem silly but I think they represent some of the major challenges that are effecting North Americans within the last few decades. We all try our best to build wealth over our lifetimes yet the rich keep getting even more wealthy, increasing the gap between us that much more. So what the big secret that the rich use to make even more money? It’s using money to make more money.

 “Oh wow, genius! Tell us something we don’t already know!”

Perhaps I should specify it’s the way rich people use their money. You see, the majority of the population spends their money on liabilities. The Broke people spend their money on booze, cigarettes, eating at restaurants, gambling, $300 jeans, $500 sunglasses, Ipads, the latest Iphone, Ishoes and I-nterest! The Tax-Payers have that big house with a monster mortgage, the motorboat, the Continue reading »