Sep 292014

Dividends2September flew by so fast I almost forgot my August dividend income update. You would think that something that brings me so much joy would be a higher priority to write about, but this month was pretty busy for me.  I was busy living my life and my investments were busy working hard for me. Wow, what a great concept huh? If only I had someone to teach my how to invest when I first started working. I would probably be looking to retire by the age of 45 which would be one hell of an accomplishment.

Since I don’t have a time machine or a rich Uncle on his death bed, I better keep my nose to the grind stone and keep living modestly. Since I’m technically home-less, I haven’t been investing as much as I could be. My priority has shifted to home ownership and I’ve been able to save quite a bit of money towards a down payment. This time around I’m looking for something I can pay off in 10-15 years without having a huge mortgage hanging over my head like before. Now instead of nightmares about Continue reading »

Sep 212014

Dividend GrowthLooking back over my relatively short existence on this planet, there have been a lot of ups and downs financially in my life. Those ups and downs have taught me a lot about life and those experiences have helped shape me into who I am today. Why, it just seems like yesterday I was a young pup picking up bottles out of the ditches for spending money. Foolish people, throwing good money out of their windows like that!

Humble Beginnings

I remember one time we were camping near a baseball diamond just after they had a tournament. There were beer cans EVERYWHERE and my siblings and I had dollar signs in our eyes. Jackpot! We started collecting cans and bottles and my parents would sort them for us. Some other kids saw what we were doing and started to hone in on our loot too, the little bastards! I think we hauled in $50 worth of bottles which back then, was like a down payment for a house…more or less.

As you can tell, I’m not a proud man. I never had money foolishly handed to me; I worked hard for everything I have ever received in this life. Money holds a different value to me then it would for some rich kid who has coasted through life thanks to Mommy and Daddy Warbucks. I went from taking work from homeless people to mowing grass to a grocery clerk to a dirty tradesman. In that time I’ve learned a lot about money and how we foolishly spend it, more importantly, how I foolishly spent it.

Self Investing Changed My Life

After I said good bye to mutual funds, my life’s savings sure changed a lot; and by a lot, I mean my nest egg has grown four times what it was just four years ago. Sure, I started investing a little more then I was before, but it’s my new mindset on money that has really allowed me to catapult my wealth. Slowly but surely my nest egg grows with each dividend payment I receive. Rather than spending those dividends like a fool, I re-invest it in more dividend paying stock over and over again.

Instead of mass consuming like a mad man, I make smarter choices when it comes to my money. While I could stand in line for 8 hours to get the latest I (diot)phone, I make use of the smart phone I already have and invest the money I would have spent. So instead of buying obsolete garbage that will be worthless in 3 years, my dividend stock investment will increase in value and bring in passive income every three months.

Money For Nothing

So far this year I’ve made $4290 in dividend income while I brushed my teeth, when I grabbed my mail and even while I watched a video on Youtube. I no longer need to pick bottles or work part time at a crappy job to earn extra income. My money is doing all the hard work for me while I just keep enjoying life. Someday soon I’ll have enough passive dividend income to say good bye to the rat race for good. God that would be a great feeling, wouldn’t it? Just wake up in the morning with no annoying buzzer and open the blinds to see everyone else scrambling to get to work on time, while you decide what to put on your toast.

I don’t know exactly when I’ll be able to retire, but it sure is nice knowing that retirement will be possible. So many people have no plan or are relying on government benefits to be there for them down the road which is a very scary thought. If a kid who started off collecting cans has a solid retirement plan, I’m pretty sure anyone with a pulse and some patience can too. I can’t wait to see what the next four years will bring. Until then, I’ll just keep slowly growing my wealth with dividend investing!

If you truly want to change your life, you must first be willing to change your mind- Donald Altman






Sep 132014

When I ask people if they buy organic the normal response I get is, “there’s no difference between non-organic and organic except for the price.” While yes organic fruits and vegetables do cost more, the quality in my opinion is incomparable between the two. When you pick up a carton of organic strawberries and they actually smell and taste like strawberries, it makes you wonder what the hell you’ve been eating all these years. Have you ever eaten those large, full size carrots that you buy in bag? They taste like a tree branch compared to carrots fresh from the garden. Sure, the nutritional value might be the same but God only knows what they’ve been sprayed with and what kind of fertilizer has been used on them. I’ve read that some farms in Mexico have been caught using human feces to grow crops down there. Yuck!

I had planned on some great garden posts for 2014 but I lost my amazing garden when I sold my house earlier this year. All my apple trees, raspberry bushes and my strawberry patches… all gone! Luckily I was able to Continue reading »

Sep 062014

Dividend growth*Blows the dust from the keyboard*

Hello to my dozens and dozens of loyal readers. I apologize for not posting in a few months but I decided to take the Summer off from writing to focus more on just plain living. I could have bombarded you with mind numbing tips and tricks on how to save money over the summer but I don’t have the patience for that stuff anymore. I would much rather be out enjoying Summer then being cooped up in archives of the Loonie Bin, writing a post about how I saved 50 cents on cereal with a coupon. I’ve been on a spiritual journey since last year and I found myself caring less and less about money which is really unfortunate for someone who writes a financial blog lol. For me, my existence on this planet has been nothing less than an ironic experience so I figure I can make this work.

Just because I care less about money, doesn’t mean it’s less important in the world we live in. I still need food, clothing and shelter and unless stores start to take beaver pelts, then I guess I’m stuck using it. One thing that has changed is that I use to think money was a necessary evil, that is until I learned money is Continue reading »